Global Landscapes Forum Climate Conference

Professor Frank van Veen, KaLi’s Principal Investigator will be presenting a (virtual) keynote speech at the Global Landscapes Forum (GLF) Climate Conference which kicks off on Friday 5th November.

In the context of the US Decade on Ecosystem Restoration 2021-2030 and the globally significant discussions underway at COP26, the GLF Climate Conference aims to:

  • Accelerate action toward achieving the Paris Agreement’s climate goals, bringing together the GLF community of 250,000 people from 185 countries in order to identify positive tipping points that are needed to keep the planet habitable;
  • Present evidence that landscape approaches are a great way to accelerate action, as they deliver mitigation and adaptation successes, without compromising on local livelihoods and human rights;
  • Address real barriers to landscape progress, create new alliances and synergies between forests, food and finance, and trigger the integrated action that is needed for change.

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