Kalimantan Lestari

Research to understand the causes and impacts of drought and peatland fires in Indonesian Borneo to identify priority actions for building livelihood and landscape resilience through sustainable development

Welcome to the ‘KaLi’ research project. KaLi is short for Kalimantan Lestari which means sustainable Borneo in Indonesian.

Indonesian wildfires cause widespread air pollution and vast carbon emissions. They destroy huge areas of forest that are home to unique biodiversity including the critically endangered Bornean orangutan.

Impacts on public health, livelihoods and the environment are severe.

The good news is, peatland fires and their impacts are largely preventable. There is real potential to achieve a major reduction in the hazards associated with drought and fire, and a clear desire in Indonesia to find solutions.

Our research will support local policy-makers and stakeholders to create robust models for sustainable development and build economic opportunities for communities in Central Kalimantan.

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About Us

The Kalimantan Lestari (KaLi) project, which launched in May 2020, is funded by UK Research and Innovation through the Global Challenges Research Fund…

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Our Research

Uncontrolled, large-scale peatland fires in Indonesia are a result of a complex network of interacting climatic processes, land use practices and human factors…

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Global Landscapes Forum Climate Conference

4 November 2021

Professor Frank van Veen, KaLi’s Principal Investigator will be presenting a (virtual) keynote speech at the Global Landscapes Forum (GLF) Climate Conference which kicks off on Friday 5th November.

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